How theLaundro helps in self-service laundry shop

There are three important components when running a self-service laundromats, namely customer, payment and machine. Failure on any of the components will cause loss of business. Therefore, Laundromat Management System (theLaundro) is designed to tackle all three components in self-service laundry shop.


Alternative payment methods are offered instead on traditional token and coin


Machine utilisation are captured and visualised for the users, allowing them to strategise the campaign.


Customers’ behavior will be captured and allow better targeted campaign and promotion

Laundromat Management System (theLaundro) is utilizing the our proprietary device (Alpha-1) to perform all the necessary action to support all the component mentioned above. It allowed users to have an insight of his/her business on finger tips and manage his or her self-service laundry shop.

The Laundro

Laundromat Management System (theLaundro) increase operational efficiency and generate more revenue for self-service laundry. Below are demonstration video for Laundro application.


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