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Customer Engagement Management

Keys of Successful Campaign consists of 3 primary factors, namely Consistent, Engaging and Insightful

What is no-code CEM

Our goal at no-code CEM is to give you maximum control over your campaign pipeline and customers and outlets data, while automating the work as much as possible. So that you can flawlessly manage your campaign, all from one place.

User-friendly Campaign Management Software

When we design campaign management softwares, we make sure they give you full and complete control to use them to execute your marketing campaign plans without having to use any coding skills at all. We want our softwares to be accessible and used by anyone from any background.

This will help you to automate your work easily with just a few clicks of the button, and it will also help to automate your work by eliminating any mundane tasks to improve your work efficiency. Our software also allows you to manage all your campaigns flawlessly in an organised way that is accessible all from one place.

Social Media Contest Platform

If you are a marketing agency or FMCG brand owner, our campaign management software is perfect for you. Here’s why.

Using our social media contest platform, you can connect it to multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and more. The dashboard for our software is extremely easy to use, and does not require any technical skills.

But that’s not all. If you choose our software, you can manage your campaigns both online and offline as well, which is very helpful, especially when you need to access your dashboard urgently when you do not have WIFI.

If you have any further enquiries, or if you’d like to learn more about our software, then you can click the following link to contact our team today. We would be more than happy to assist you with your IT needs accordingly.

How things are Before

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the after - New way

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Our Feature list

  • Know your customers’ digital experience with our tracking technology. 
  • Identify the bottleneck for your campaign and improve rate of engagement.
  • Manage multiple campaigns at once via our dashboard


  • Manage the massive list of your customers with our tools
  • Validate the legitimacy of each of proof of purchase at once
  • Managing reward redemptions via no-code CEM like e-vouchers or Premium gift.
  • Create customise interaction with your customers on multiple channels such as websites, Facebook or mobile. 
  • Continuous engagement with your customers through our  contest selection library.
  • Keep track of the performance for your field salesman and outlets for each of your campaign
  • Identify and take action to improve your weakest point or even re-strategise for your new campaign

Collect and analyze feedback with self-serve experience management platform

  • Customize & Personalize to your brand
  • Multi-channel delivery
  • Realtime dashboard
  • Feedback scoring and reports
  • Multi-language support
  • Deliver and keep track on items to your customers either in e-voucher or physical goods. 
  • Tracking and fulfilment by our service partner

Choose your favourite format

It comes with many formats. Choose the best suit you!


$ Free!
  • Basic Digital stats for your website


$ 11
  • Everything you need for full fledged campaign


$ 4
  • A bit of everythings with capped