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“Laundro enable us to accept payment by Ewallet, which is a whole new experience to our customer.”

E Laundry & Cashless Laundry Solutions in Malaysia

Everything Revolves Around Digitalising Your Laundromats​

Are you looking to digitalise your laundromats? If so, then you can consider trying our cashless laundry solutions. It’s the best way to make payment easier for your customers and yourself.

Think about it. Your customers can pay you easily and conveniently using Touch n’Go, Boost and other online payment gateways. Online payment is also more convenient for you as well, because you can receive their money immediately in your bank account.

So, this means that you don’t have to waste time driving to your laundry store and collect your money. It’s so much more convenient and easier for everyone.

On top of that, e laundry solutions are becoming more common in Malaysia today, and more laundry stores are using this payment method for their business. So, don’t get left behind. Try theLaundro today, it’s the best cashless laundry system in Malaysia.

Why Choose Our Laundry Software Solutions

theLaundro is an innovative and advanced laundry software solution that is designed to help laundromat business owners track their sales and performance of their business better in a safe and secured manner.

You can view your sales and data in real-time to see how well your business is doing just with a few clicks on your laptop, or you can view it through your phone.

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If you are interested to learn more about our laundry management software, then you can click here to contact us today to enquire for more information. Or you can continue reading below to learn more about our cashless laundry system.

About theLaundro

theLaundro is an advanced and innovative laundromat management system. It is designed to allow laundromat business owner to have better overview on their finger tips.


theLaundro allow multiple platform such as computer and mobile. Our priority technology enable real time update on the sales and performance of your business.

Reliable and Secure

As reliability and security has always been our top priority. theLaundro have been undergo vigourous testing process. This has built the confident by multiple clients.


theLaundro enable visualization of the most important data. It allows you to make faster decision and clearer overview of business at real time.

Product Features

Business hand with mobile phone

Remote Activation

You can make payment to your customer remotely through mobile or web anywhere anytime.

Working with document

Maintainance Log

Document all past maintainance at one place for your reference.

Man at a recording studio, music production

Live Status

Know your machine status and check on its ultilisation time till date on real time.


Audit and Testing

You can start auditing process anytime and anywhere with our ready features.

Alternative Payment

Support multiple payment method such as Ewallet, card and mobile on top of your existing coin system.

Loyalty program

Loyalty program can done for regular customers by giving reward to them.

Why theLaundro?

Check out some of the writings on how theLaundro helps?

How theLaundro helps self-service laundromats’ owner?

TheLaundro will control to deliver some of advantages to the commercial enterprise proprietor. It goals three number one area of pain – particularly customers, machines and fee.

Why theLaundro is your best choice?

Understand why theLaundro will be your best choice for your business. theLaundro will come with an Alpha device allowing easy installation and wireless system.

Screenshot within theLaundro

You can undoubtedly deal with your laundry shops utilizing our web application in your telephone.

See What Our Clients Are Saying


“Auto-closing feature is the best!”


“Easy to manage!”


“Awesome after sale service!”

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