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Payments Solutions Provider for Laundry Stores in Malaysia

Our company is best known for our bestselling IT products, theLaundro and C.E.M softwares. theLaundro would help you a lot, if you own a laundry business, and our C.E.M softwares would benefit you if you are an FMCG company or marketing agency. Let’s start with theLaundro below.


Install Online Payment Gateways in Malaysia for Your Laundry Machines

With theLaundro, you can make your customer’s payment methods easier, so that they can pay and use your laundry machines with online payment gateways in Malaysia like Touch n’Go, Boost, GrabPay and more.


C.E.M Software (Customer Engagement Management)

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We can customise any C.E.M software for you to promote your marketing campaigns on a dashboard that is simple and easy-to-use interface. This is helpful if you have marketing campaigns, online contests and other marketing promotions.

If you are ready to learn more about our services as a payment solutions provider and software engineer, then click here to contact our team today to enquire more about our services.