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Redefine E-Laundry in 2022

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What is e-laundry? In short, it means digital laundry. To elaborate further, it is the laundry which comes with digital technology can improve their services, efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. It has all connected equipment such as washer, dryer, chemical dispenser, water meter and even gas meter to one central point or dashboard. The summarised and consolidated information will out operators to make strategic decision faster and better. Let us break e-laundry into multiple aspect:

Business management

E-laundry should come with ability to keep track real time usage by machine and by payment channel preference of customer. All necessary data to run a business should be captured, recorded and visualised. Besides sales and utilisation data, it is also importance to monitor inventory and allow customer management.

The system allows us to offer free dry by awarding dryer time, based on the washer the customer purchases. Our customers can use just scanning the QR codes on the machine with their phones. They can also register as member and enjoy the benefit of being a loyal customer. What make this better when they receive notification once the wash is complete. With their phones, customers see which machines are available for use in the store at any time.

Equipment Management

System that enables self-diagnose for washers and dryers and provide error messages is crucial. If there are any slow drain or fill times, the laundromat owner is immediately notified, allowing them to be proactive and solve a potential problem before customers are impacted. This saves you hours of time each week driving to and from your stores to check on your machines, or getting a bad online review for slow service. Additionally, owners can remotely start machines and programme them.

All maintenance records will also be consolidated in single location instead of scattered information which increase the cost of communication between staffs to understand historical maintenance record for a particular machine. It will beneficial to both operators and technician as transparent procedure has been established.

Customer Management

App-based payment system, which eliminates coins altogether. This means your customers no longer have to worry about carrying and you don’t have to spend your time making sure your change machine is stocked, your machines aren’t out of order due to a coin sticking or going to the bank in person to manage your profits. It provides a convenient, safe way for them to quickly pay for a washer or dryer from their phone. From the app, they can pick a location, select a machine, pay right from their phone, and be ready to go.

Customers can reload their online wallets with both cash and cashless options, and they can view the status of their current cycle as well as receive notifications when their laundry is finished. This type of application is also useful for staying in touch with the laundromat’s customer base, allowing owners to filter and market to customers based on deep system analytics such as visit intervals and average spend. Through the application’s automated reward programmes, as well as special promotions, events, contests, or pricing, loyalty and increased customer engagement can be generated.

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What’s next?

It’s amazing to think back to a traditional coin-operated store and see how far the industry has come, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Pickup and delivery are two potential opportunities on the horizon, especially given the current business climate caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Integrating technology into the pickup and delivery of laundry presents a significant opportunity for growth.(consider Grab or Gojeck for laundry)

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Redefine E-Laundry in 2022

What is e-laundry? In short, it means digital laundry. To elaborate further, it is the laundry which comes with digital technology can improve their services,

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