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Success story of DobiDoo using Laundro

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Discover How Our E Laundry Software Helped A Business

DobiDoo Laundry is a self-service launderette based in Selangor which has several locations across the state. Over the last five years, DobiDoo Laundry have offered their services to a variety of people groups across Selangor, including families, young professionals, students and elderly people.

It is DobiDoo Laundry’s goal to provide a higher standard of customer service through helpful and personal interactions with each and every customer. Their business believes that it is important to provide a clean, comfortable and relaxed environment for customers to do their laundry, and that your surroundings should be a true reflection of who you are.

At that time, they were not using any e laundry software or solutions as a part of their business plan. But they knew for certain that they wanted their laundry services to be as helpful and convenient as possible to their customers in Selangor.

The Business Challenges Faced By DobiDoo Laundry

For quite awhile, DobiDoo Laundry struggled to provide alternative payment options for their customers and they spent a considerable amount of time trying to create a more effective management system across their laundrette stores.

As a result, the founder spent a lot of time operating and managing their stores to ensure high-quality customer service in each specific location. Furthermore, with only a single payment method available on the laundrette machines, that is through the use of coin payments, this caused DobiDoo Laundry to experience a loss of profits when their machines were not functioning properly and required maintenance.

This also meant that the business had to dedicate a lot of time to inventory counting. Furthermore, the business was unable to delegate the cash collections activities appropriately because the sales data was not captured properly due to the ineffective payment methods such as coin payments.

It was very important, therefore, for the business to find a way to enable alternative payment methods in order to manage their stores more efficiently. That is where our software, Laundro, came in to help DobiDoo Laundry with their business problems.

The Undeniable Benefits of Using Cashless Laundry Solutions

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Laundro offers DobiDoo Laundry cashless laundry solutions such as ewallet payment methods, as an alternative to their current coin-based payment option. Ewallet payment methods help to provide a much higher level of security, which prevents the possibility of people stealing coins from the laundrette machines.

Thanks to Laundro, the business has also seen a significant increase in their sales channel. The ewallet payment method is both quicker and more efficient. Not only does it reduce the customer’s waiting time when they wish to make the payment, it also provides a better, faster and more desirable experience for customers.

Laundro also provides insight regarding the real-time sales and inventory to DobiDoo Laundry allowing them to manage their time and resources in a more efficient manner. For example, Laundro has a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to view your sales results in real-time and you can track it on your phone from anywhere, making it easier to track sales on a daily basis.

Due to a significant improvement in sales, data tracking and time management, DobiDoo Laundry is now able to allocate their business resources more effectively using cashless laundry systems. Thanks to the laundry management software. Dobidoo has been able to cut down on unnecessary business costs through the use of digital software and technology.

Laundro has helped DobiDoo Laundry to generate a 20% [1]1st month of Enabling Ewallet payment higher average order value with the addition payment option. Their goal of enabling alternative payment options and effectively managing their outlet for the operation is now simpler to achieve than ever. As a result they have seen a return of investment (ROI) of 200% [2]Investment Cost per day to Sales from ewallet per day.

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If you would like to learn more about our e laundry product, Laundro, then you can click the previous link to explore the commercial benefits that it can bring to your business today.

Or if you are interested, you can click here to contact our team to schedule a chat with us, so that we can help to understand the problems that your laundry business is facing better, and then provide you with some more details on how our cashless laundry solution, Laundro, can help your business to move forward.

Our team would be more than happy to assist you with your business needs accordingly, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


1 1st month of Enabling Ewallet payment
2 Investment Cost per day to Sales from ewallet per day

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