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What makes good IT Service Provider in Malaysia

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With so many IT service providers on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one to work with. Not all providers provide the same level of service, and not all IT firms can be described as “good.”

So, how do you tell if an IT service provider is reputable? In addition to reviewing customer reviews and testimonials and seeking recommendations from trusted associates, here are a few factors that distinguish the good providers.


Monitoring is provided by all IT service providers. What truly distinguishes the “great” from the “bad” is a proactive approach.

  • Plan for your company’s future
  • Give you advice for growth
  • Suggest technology that will get your business on track for success
  • Take steps to protect you from current, changing, and new threats
  • Identify new resources and approaches that can help you reach your organization’s goals Provide both specialised and general IT services.

“Bad” or “Unprofessional” IT service providers, on the other hand, will stop monitoring and only take action when something goes wrong or it’s time to pay the bill. They are not proactively help you achieve your goals and a lot of things that require fixes could have just been prevented in the first place with a little planning.


Things change all the time due to politics, your industry, catastrophic events or even weather. That is the reason why businesses need flexibility on their side – and only the great IT services providers offer that. As things change within your organization and industry, your managed IT services provider can change with you. If you grow, they scale. If your organization branches into a new line of work, they’re there to assist. Whereas IT service providers that fall under “bad” tend to be rigid, slow to react to change, and cannot fulfil your organization’s needs as you grow or branch out.

Apart from what have been mentioned, having local service providers will also be helpful As they are in a phenomenal position to offer a more personalized and considerate approach to their customer service.

Although a good service provider is flexible, they also strict to Service Level Agreements (SLA), good providers deliver more than the bare minimum. They are constantly looking to enhance their service and go above and beyond SLAs by doing more for their clients. Instead of just monitoring IT systems and responding to incidents, they will be exploring ways to make your IT more efficient, driving cost savings and increasing performance.


Do you only hear from your IT company when something goes wrong? Or when a bill is due? Or maybe you can only reach out to them through email or a website form; they’re completely unavailable on the phone? And response times tend to be like molasses?

These are all signs of bad IT service. Great providers will instead be easy to reach when you need them, but also communicative ahead of time. They understand you have an organization to run and your time is valuable, so fast response times are a must. In addition, they will set up regular meetings to go over your current needs, goals, and concerns to ensure they’re meeting what your business actually wants out of IT. And when they make mistakes, they’ll own up to it and communicate with you about what they can do to fix it.

Furthermore, there is perhaps nothing more frustrating than listening to a service provider representative pass blame around when a performance problem occurs. “Bad” organizations typically come across as faceless entities that don’t particularly care when something goes wrong or even seem willing to own up to their own mistakes. Local service providers are in a position to operate on a more face-to-face basis with their customers, building relationships and trust. By holding themselves accountable when an issue arises, local providers can further develop goodwill with clients. Establishing those relationships matters a great deal for smaller local service providers looking to find a foothold and make a name for themselves within a particular local market.


Every organization is unique, including yours. A “good” IT services provider understands that and they will not try to fit you and every other company into a single box. Instead, they will work to understand your unique needs, wants, and budget, and walk you through the various options to help you identify the best choice for your organization. On the other hand, a “bad” IT companies, however, tend to have a single option for their customers, and they will try to force you into that plan with little to no wiggle room. If they do allow you to go outside that box, you may be charged a hefty fee.

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