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How a Kiosk installment frameworks helps your self-administration laundry

Laundry Card’s payment kiosk, allows customers to exchange cash or credit for loyalty cards that they can add value to and use to start machines. The system maintains the customer’s card balance and allows them to revalue their card or redeem coupons at any time. The kiosk also acts as the hub for store management, allowing employees to clock in, marking machines as unavailable, and more.

Simplified collections because Laundry E-wallet eliminates coins, you no longer have to go from machine to machine collecting each coin box. Instead, you collect all money from one safe, locked location. Your store is collected in a matter of minutes.

Maximise your laundromat’s potential by offering cashless capability with the Monitor Laundry Controller. The terminal allows users to pay for their laundry from their Supervisor Net account with their swipe card, removing the need for cash. The controller is on-line, allowing detailed monitoring and reporting to track and identify washing machine and dryer usage. This information enables you to optimise your laundry facility for maximum return on your investment.