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IoT in transport and logistics

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Transportation and logistics industry is getting more digital to increase their competitives edge against their peers. Among common application for IoT:

  • Capabilities Sensing – To communicate between warehouses and open space
  • Planning and Reporting – To report and analyse event such as traffic accident for more accurate delivery
  • Route Optimisation – Minimise wastage and optimise the available resources
  • Fault detection and resolution – Monitor the condition of the asset to allow more uptime
  • Environment monitoring and management – Enable delivery of package that are sensitive to environment condition such as fresh food.
  • Real time tracking – Getting the information and location of package at items level
  • Threat detection and prevention – Allow detection of unauthorized attempt to access the package
IOT framework for T&L company (Extract from reference)

IoT adaptation with in a transport and logistics (T&L) company don’t happen in a single day and in most cases it requires constant tuning to match market dynamics. Therefore a T&L company can start with adoption of a framework which start with Sensing and Shaping capabilities. Then adaptive supply capabilities, finally new business opportunities.


  1. Shipping smarter: IoT in Shipping Industry

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