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IoT Enabled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Laundromats

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Exponential rise in the number of connected devices have indicated the emerging of ever-connected world. As such our daily life or even the way of business maybe affected. Similarly, laundromats as a business itself could not escape from the embracement of technological changes as well.

One of the best way to increase your competitiveness is to utilise the
Internet of Things (IOT) enable ERP software. There are two important components in this solution. First, it is the Internet of Things (IoT) and the second is the ERP. Both of them are crucial to gain insight in your performance through production monitoring. Re-calculation and production monitoring enable you to check at a glance on laundromat’s performance.

Since the entire process can be directly monitored online, it becomes clearly evident where production requires adjustment per department. Furthermore, the workforce on the fields receives clear instructions on which shops are to be processed, when and how.

This immediately makes it clear where you can achieve not only cost savings, but also improvements in the area of productivity, internal logistics or energy consumption.

In Antlysis, we help our clients for embracement for IOT enabled ERP. Our proprietary system Laundro allows them to work remotely and effectively without the need of physical presence. As a result, the capacity and productivity of a single operator will increase as he can operate and manage multiple laundromats by himself.

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