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At Antlysis, we set a high standard to provide you with the best IT services in Malaysia so that your business will grow rapidly through our services. Our team does not settle for anything lesser than that.

Some of the services that we offer as IT providers in Malaysia include things like the internet of things, software engineering and electronics design. Other than that, we also provide outsourced IT services. This means we accept work from clients who want to outsource their in-house work to us.

If this sounds interesting, then keep reading below to learn more about each of our services today.

Trusted IT Providers in Malaysia

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things Services

The internet of things (IoT) has become a very popular way for businesses in Malaysia to digitalise their products and services. The internet of things is about connecting the internet to your products, so that your products will become more technologically efficient which allows you to provide a better experience for your customers.

We provide our IoT services to businesses including laundry stores, FMCG businesses and many more. Start digitalising your business today. If you are interested, you can click here to enquire more about our IT services in Malaysia.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering Services

Being an IT provider in Malaysia, we use our in-depth knowledge of digital engineering, design and product development to deliver top quality software engineering services for your business.

Electronics Design

Electronics Design Services

We can design electronics and hardwares to help your business grow and improve its workflow. On top of that, we can also customise the electronics that you want us to design, so that it meets your business needs and requirements.